BARDO is an intentional micronation. The term micronation, which literally means small nation, is a neologism. It is an entity that claims to be an independent nation or state while not officially recognized by governments and big international organizations. 


BARDO was born as an intentional micronation with the precise objective of uniting artists, free thinkers, holistic healers, people intimately distant from the by worn and uprooted model of nineteenth-century nation-states. 


The creative freedom of thought and action is the passport to join BARDO.

Together with respect for nature and for the planet that hosts us, the only true Kingdom to which we refer.

The coat of arms of the micronation is deliberately a call to noble heraldry in fact, but this does not mean that the duchy is monarchic: the citizens of BARDO are libertarians and the titles acquired are exquisitely Dadaists.


Mutual Recognition and friendly relations:

Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia (official site

Grand Duchy Of Pikeland (facebook page)

Kingdom of Montevert

Kingdom of Barchant (official site

Principality of Vandewal (official site)

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis (official site)


4/10/2020 Our micronation was hit hard by a storm: luckily humans and animals are safe, unfortunately we will have to face restorations and reclamation, but we are sure we will succeed.

We thank all those who have written to us concerned, and those who have come to help us in the work of the road and the external areas.

Special thanks to Mitzi Serrandrei and Manuel Noorglo (from Grand Duchy of Flandrensis) for helping us today.

Times will be hard but we will not stop.


Duke Regent of Bardo intentional micronation,

Piercarlo von Bòrmida


[the picture was taken by our bestfriend, the well knowed photographer Lorenzo Avico]

If you feel to became a citizen, do not hesitate to ask for a citizenship fee and join BARDO.

Adhering to citizenship has no cost, but if you want to receive your certificate and the official metal pin you can order them from the shop.

Printed certificate of citizenship with official seal and signature are ready: we can send it all over the world.


Request online citizenship!

We are waiting for you,

the Regent.



"Archipelago (ärkəˈpeləˌgō): showy and irregular grouping of related things."


Do you live in a house or appartment you own? You are convinced that is the only state border that you really feel like your?

Why don't you choose to become part of the project 'BARDO Archipelago'?

Our micronation is made from islands of freedom and it is in constant evolution. If you share our intent with us, you are welcome: don't hesitate and join BARDO to be part of a real state of art.

We are a micronation who grows like a plant pointing to the sun.


Contact us to be part of our dream.


21/07/2020 @ BARDO Intentional Micronation


Estense Consul of Grand Duchy of Flandrensis sign the treaty of reciprocal recognition with the Duke Regent of BARDO Intentional Micronation for their positive actions against global warming: today is a great day for our micronations.

ABDUCTION [free_time_nature_creativity]

The project combines the need of those who love nature but live in the city, of those who love animals and feel they have a strong sense of belonging to the land but cannot yet do it in a constant and total way.

ABDUCTION connects volunteers and natural artistic and rural projects by promoting educational and cultural experiences based on a non-profit exchange of trust, to help on building a sustainable glocal community.

Who is an ABDUCTED: a person visiting the micronation who offers their time in daily activities in exchange for experiences and practicing sustainable lifestyles. * Please note that ABDUCTION is not a paid job - hosts do not offer monetary compensation!

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