The BARDO Sanctuary is a project of the BARDO association.

It is mainly a space, a country house in which human beings and numerous animals live, who have found shelter, good food and the freedom to be themselves in this place.

The BARDO Sanctuary is not an educational farm and it is not a new version of a rural zoo where you can spend Sundays.

The BARDO Sanctuary is a place where men and animals live together respecting and infecting each other.

In addition to our life friends, Bardo temporarily hosts wild animals to be reintroduced into nature such as foxes and hedgehogs:: our forest wants to be an island of well-being for these animals who have the right to live according to their ethological characteristics.

It is a space lived daily where there are few but strict rules:

- Everyone must live according to their own species characteristics

- The animals are not at our service and the interaction with them takes place only is on both sides desired (and it often is!)

- The animals that are welcomed to the BARDO Sanctuary are not for adoption

- No animals and no derivatives are eaten here

- The attendance limit for each species is unquestionable and able to guarantee the true well-being of every animal that lives here

Many of the animals have been rescued from bad situations, but here we do everything we can to make their lives finally worthy. The same applies to wild animals that enter our territory, we try to safeguard them in respect of their nature.


Rewilding, what is it? In a nutshell, relocating wild animals to their environment. Bardo moves with ever greater determination in this direction: foxes, badgers, deer, hedgehogs, birds, etc. they can live according to their ethological needs in a natural habitat. For our part, we are committed to keeping the space as wild as possible, protecting it from an arrogant and invasive world that does not want to leave room for beauty.