Bardo and its recognised  association works to promote the worldview that distinguishes it, an ecosophical and libertarian worldview rated for a marked holistic attitude.


In the 2013 we purchased an independent property of 20,000 sq m of land comprising a forest crossed by a river coming from the mountains.

Over time, the idea of a community where the habitat is as much as possible in line with the laws of mother Nature takes shape. So we decided to create a truly alternative pole in lower Piedmont, a strategic point in the heart of the Monregalese area, equidistant from Turin and Savona.


The micronation organizes seminars and meetings focused on the relationship between man and nature, on personal growth, on art in its various forms as a response to degradation.


At the same time, it dedicates to the publication of cultural contents and the promotion of conferences and seminars on the topics in which it believes.


The headquarters hosts a treatment area dedicated to holistic and natural medicine therapies.


ABDUCTION [free_time_nature_creativity]

The project combines the need of those who love nature but live in the city, of those who love animals and feel they have a strong sense of belonging to the land but cannot yet do it in a constant and total way. 


Bardo hosts also several animals recovered at SANCTUARY from situations of abuse and takes care of their livelihood and give them the love they deserve.