Official flag


BARDO's flag is a horizontal tricolor of black, blue and yellow. The black bar represents the night and his powerful influence on mind, the blue bar represents the sky and the purity of the noble life, and the yellow bar represents the sun daily power and the related energy for everybody on Earth. The sun and the black star are included also in the shield at the center of flag. In Heraldry: sable (black) like fidelity to one's 'Kingdom' (Nature), azure (blue) like the sky of the nobility of our souls, or (gold) like the Sun, a symbol of joy and vital energy. The Sun it is a symbol of eternity, greatness, illustrious nobility, magnificence, power, providence. The Star symbolizes the aspiration to higher things or sublime actions. It is equally evident that the Sun King and the Black Star of Anarchy in Bardo coexist as a Dadaist oxymoron of anarcho-monarchism.