Bardo believes in a new nobility: our gentlemen and ladies care about the respect for the environment and the diversity that makes the planet a unique place to be preserved. Our actions are more important than our birth, which can be aristocratic but also humble: the will and consistency in our lifestyle makes the difference! Only then will we be able to pass on to our children the values that are important for living in harmony with Mother Nature. And consequently be really belonging to our Nobility.


The College of Arms has the task of approving the Titles of Nobility countersigned by the Duke, warrantor of Fons Honorum. The noble titles are proposed directly to figures who have distinguished themselves for particular merits and actions towards the Bardo, the world of Art and Holistic, the environment (Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron, Noble, Lord, Free Knight *).

By the way all Bardo citizens have the right to wear a personal coat of arms.


The Chief Herald is the Duke himself and He's responsible for all designs of the Coat of Arms. The Duke is King of Arms of the Colegio Heraldico de la Accademia San Faustino (AR), a profound connoisseur of history and symbolism.

* the titles are valid only within the Duchy and the fifth world.